Your comfort and safety at the photoshoot is paramount, and we take great steps to make sure your experience is a safe and positive one.  Here are some of the things we do to ensure that:

You are always allowed to bring one guest along to the photoshoot if it makes you more comfortable.  They are allowed to be present at all times.  For any model under 18, you are required to bring an adult with you, no exceptions.

The purpose of the shoot, wardrobe requirements, and the types of poses required for it, will be detailed on the call sheet you will receive shortly after confirmation of the shoot.  This is done so that there are no surprises on the day of the shoot.  If there is anything you see on the sheet that you are uncomfortable with (poses, clothing, etc), please speak up, and we can make adjustments.  Your concerns are important.

We strive to make sure private dressing rooms or bathrooms are available at all indoor shoot locations. In the case of an outdoor location, if a wardrobe change is required, a portable changing room will be provided.  If there are multiple models, only one model is allowed in a changing room at a time.

On the day of the shoot, if there is anything you are uncomfortable with (wardrobe, a pose, a comment, someones actions), please speak up immediately!  Inappropriate behavior is not tolerated on any of our photoshoots.  Do not ever feel that there will be repercussions from you speaking out and stopping anything you don't like.

If a hair or clothing adjustment is needed, we will first ask you to make that adjustment yourself.  If a hair\makeup artist or stylist is on the photoshoot, we will ask them to make the adjustment first if you are comfortable with that.  If there is not a MUA or stylist available, permission will always be asked first before helping to make any adjustments.

For everyone's safety, no smoking or alcohol use is allowed on set.  Furthermore, if anyone arrives on set intoxicated or under the influence, they will be asked to leave, and the shoot will have to be rescheduled if they are critical to the photoshoot proceeding.

You have a voice.  Do not be afraid to speak up, at a shoot with us, or anyone else. You should always feel safe and respected!

We have collected the information below for anyone who has been assaulted by someone under the guise of being a photographer.  We hope that it can be a start to getting the help you need.  Do not be afraid to fight back and speak up!  Please call 911 immediately to report the assault!:

Safe Horizon

The National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline

The National Sexual Assault Online Hotline

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